Can Cannabis Affect One’s Memory?

The circulating news about cannabis affecting one’s memory remains largely anecdotal. However, scientists continue to look into evidence linking cannabis to memory loss as they explore the other health benefits of the herb.

There are two types of memory. Long-term memory is where life details are indefinitely stored. Short-term memory is where immediate happenings are temporarily kept.

Cannabis, in general, doesn’t cause memory loss. However, intoxication may temporarily distort or alter one’s short-term memory processing. If it continues, this may lead to concentration problems, lack of interest, and might impact learning.

On the other hand, cannabis has also been found to positively impact diseases that affect a person’s memory, including epilepsy, Huntington Chorea, and Alzheimer’s. Researchers have started with animal studies and found out that specific components of cannabis can either prevent or slow down the advancing of the said diseases by creating neurons.

Two of the most pronounced chemicals in cannabis that help in the process are CBD or cannabinoids and THC or delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. THC allows a person to experience a high by binding to the naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the brain. On the other hand, CBD dampens this high by interfering with the binding process.

Short-term memory of adolescents may suffer from cannabis containing a lower amount of CBD and higher levels of THC. However, the effects are not permanent and may go away once the herb’s effects subside. It is safe to conclude that not all types of cannabis affect a person’s memory. The compounds and types offer specific health benefits and risks.

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