Will Canada Allow Cannabis in Cafes and Restos?

Jeremy Smith, a resident of London, Ontario, has been figuring out how to penetrate the cafes and restaurants in Canada to serve cannabis-infused foods. He understands that the process may be long as he begins his petitions in the federal and provincial governments.

Smith has contacted various organizations and people in Canada who can decide on the matter, including Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Health Canada. The petitions are only a beginning, but he knows he is in for something promising since he was told to provide proof for the concept.

He has begun his petitions, including the collection of handwritten signatures from more than 100 retailers of the herb throughout the province. He has also posted one at the website of the House of Commons, targeting the federal government. For now, he’s optimistic about getting 10,000 more signatures in southern Ontario.

If given a go-signal, Smith would pursue opening Les Munchies, a restaurant that serves cannabis-infused foods. This perseverance was rooted in Smith’s diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis and Crohn’s disease. He was initially prescribed prednisone that resulted in neck and arms pains and difficulty breathing three weeks after his initial use of the drug.

He was then given painkillers because, as it turned out, Smith developed a blood clot in his heart, blood clots in his legs, arm, and neck, and blood clots in both his lungs. He was in bad shape, had mobility problems, blurry vision, and slurred speech.

This made him turn to alternative medicines, including taking CBD and THC. Since his condition prevented him from inhaling the herb, he resorted to consuming edibles. The results have been positive, which is why he is pushing for his initiatives so that more people could benefit from CBD edibles as they become easier to access.

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