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cannabutter breakfast recipes

5 Delicious Cannabutter Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day Right

Edibles are pretty tasty. However, it gets boring sometimes. But who says you can’t switch it up a little?
You can spice up your breakfast routine with cannabis-infused butter, AKA cannabutter. It’s known for its self-storage time, and adding some cannabutter to your morning meal gives your meal a delicious and unique twist. Besides, it’s an exciting way to medicate.
Wondering about the best sumptuous recipes for your cannabis-infused butter? We’ll share five delicious cannabis-cooking breakfast recipes to start your day right.

CBD Edibles or CBD Oil: Which Is Better

More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of CBD. In fact, Google search results for where to find cbd gummies canada are becoming more popular every day.
CBD products are classified into different categories; there are topical creams, edible products, oils, and other forms. All of these contain substances found in the Cannabis plant and the potential health benefits can be found in the different CBD-based products.
It’s up to you which of these products match your need or which one of these works for you …

How the Cultivation off Hemp in Canada Began

The cultivation of cannabis in Canada was banned by the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act in 1938, though industrial hemp was later legalized in 1998—initially, the hemp plant produced fiber, which created ropes, parachutes, and clothes.
To learn more about the history of hemp and delta 8 gummies in Canada, continue reading below.
Prohibition of Cannabis in Canada
The restriction of using Cannabis in Canada was done in 1923 and was stipulated in the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill. The use of hemp also followed suit in 1938, which …

Why You Shouldn’t Vape THC

It’s no secret that vaping is a popular way to consume cannabis. But what you may not know is that some Canadian vape juice shops do not sell vape juice with THC. Vaping THC can be dangerous, so people are generally advised against it. There are many other ways to consume THC, so there is no need to risk your safety by vaping it. Here’s why you should avoid vaping THC.
5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Vaping THC
1. Vaping THC Is Illegal in Some States
Vaping THC is illegal in most states. In fact, it’s only legal in a handful of states. This…

Will Canada Allow Cannabis in Cafes and Restos?

Jeremy Smith, a resident of London, Ontario, has been figuring out how to penetrate the cafes and restaurants in Canada to serve cannabis-infused foods. He understands that the process may be long as he begins his petitions in the federal and provincial governments.
Smith has contacted various organizations and people in Canada who can decide on the matter, including Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Health Canada. The petitions are only a beginning, but he knows he is in for something promising since he was …

What to Expect – Cannabis Brands

It is not surprising that many cannabis users do not have a preference when it comes to brands. This is something that many experts in the industry would like to work on – to open opportunities for exceptional brands to step forward and be recognized.
The founder and CEO of Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency, Ricardo Baca, admits there is no national brand yet in the cannabis business. Branding in this industry is in its infancy, making the game exciting.
Baca predicts that the industry will…

The Promise of CBD in Protecting People from COVID-19

As the world continues to seek treatments for COVID-19, the University of Waterloo researchers had a breakthrough regarding the use of synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) as protection against the said virus.
In its study entitled, Cannabidiol and the anti-viral response to SARS-CoV-2 proteins, the cannabis plant was found to have a non-psychoactive compound. This compound can aid in priming the cells’ innate immune system to protect the system from pathogens, including the SARS COV-2.

Ways to Become a Better Buyer for Your Dispensary

The role of a buyer is crucial, but they are also often underappreciated. It may be easy to become one – you will only need to order from the vendors and make sure you stick within the budget. However, in order to become better at your job, you need to remember the following tips:
1. Monitor samples and educate your staff
Many vendors usually give samples to shops that the latter can provide to those who want to buy to study the product before purchasing. However, the samples are treated as perks often than using them to work towards the business’ advantage.
The buyer is seen as the store’s resident…

Can Cannabis Affect One’s Memory?

The circulating news about cannabis affecting one’s memory remains largely anecdotal. However, scientists continue to look into evidence linking cannabis to memory loss as they explore the other health benefits of the herb.
There are two types of memory. Long-term memory is where life details are indefinitely stored. Short-term memory is where immediate happenings are temporarily kept.
Cannabis, in general, doesn’t cause memory loss. However, intoxication may temporarily distort or …

Quick Guide about Cannabis Jobs

With the rapid increase of places getting involved in the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, more jobs are being opened in the cannabis industry. It’s a growing and promising sector, which will create many jobs in the years to come.
According to the New Frontier Data, the legal marijuana business raked in revenues totaling $13.6 billion in 2019 in the US alone. Here’s a list of job opportunities you may want to try your luck into if you are passionate about CBD marijuana or …