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Why You Shouldn’t Vape THC

It’s no secret that vaping is a popular way to consume cannabis. But what you may not know is that some Canadian vape juice shops do not sell vape juice with THC. Vaping THC can be dangerous, so people are generally advised against it. There are many other ways to consume THC, so there is no need to risk your safety by vaping it. Here’s why you should avoid vaping THC.
5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Vaping THC
1. Vaping THC Is Illegal in Some States
Vaping THC is illegal in most states. In fact, it’s only legal in a handful of states. This…

How to Harvest Cannabis

As the buzz gets louder and states add up on the list of places where cannabis is legal, more people are getting interested in cultivating the plant at home. The process requires a labor of love, with lots of care, patience, and proper timing.
Preparing for Harvesting
Harvesting cannabis may be crucial, but you can only get to this point when you handled the following steps beforehand:

Cutting out bigger than usual fan leaves. While overgrown leaves signify life, the size makes the …

A Brief Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Back during the day when cannabis was yet to be legalized, many people associated pot brownies to weed edibles. Once the legalization process started, many companies also came up with a variety of ideas on how to mix cannabis with food.
Cannabis edibles refer to food products containing cannabinoids. Many of those searching for weed edibles are specifically hunting for edible products with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. They can be found in a broad range of food products, but they are commonly called …

Ways to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil

As the legal market for cannabis becomes broader, more people are getting curious about making edibles. One of the easiest ways to get started with the process is to learn how to make cannabis-infused coconut oil.
In making edibles, you will always need an infusible base. In this case, you’re going to need coconut oil. However, the most popular infusible base is cannabutter. Since you’ll be making this at home, it would be best to use something easily found, flavorful, and simple to infuse….

Common Myths about CBD

You will find several cannabinoids in a cannabis plant; among the most popular is CBD or cannabidiol. Even though the CBD is one of the most researched, several misconceptions have to be disproved about it:
1. CBD is completely non-psychoactive
The fact is that CBD won’t give you as much “high” like THC, but it doesn’t mean that it is 100 percent non-psychoactive. It can still alter effects when interacting with your brain and the endocannabinoid system.
2. Everyone experiences the same effects upon using CBD.
The effects you will get from using CBD depend on many factors, such as …