Ways to Become a Better Buyer for Your Dispensary

The role of a buyer is crucial, but they are also often underappreciated. It may be easy to become one – you will only need to order from the vendors and make sure you stick within the budget. However, in order to become better at your job, you need to remember the following tips:

1. Monitor samples and educate your staff

Many vendors usually give samples to shops that the latter can provide to those who want to buy to study the product before purchasing. However, the samples are treated as perks often than using them to work towards the business’ advantage.

The buyer is seen as the store’s resident expert. They have to use the samples to study the product and educate the store’s staff. A buyer can make a list of the samples, including the observed effects and grading system.

2. Make use of the budtenders

Vendors often give samples to budtenders since they can influence the sale of the products. Brands have limited options for advertising, so they rely on budtenders to pick their products when showing customers their options. As it is, they sell the products they have tested and liked or worked for them.

If you are a buyer, you have to communicate with your budtenders constantly. You have to exchange ideas and utilize them in educating other staff of the store. Your budtenders can help in pinpointing the features of the products that sell. You can also ask for their recommendations regarding new vendors you can invite to showcase their products at the store.

3. Understand price and quality

The quality of the products dictates what price points it would be categorized. You have to know if the product is worth the price you paid to acquire it. This way, you won’t end up with too many products that nobody would be interested in buying. You have to understand the qualities of the products at the various price points, so you will know what you need to stock up on once you meet with a sales representative.

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