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How the Cultivation off Hemp in Canada Began

The cultivation of cannabis in Canada was banned by the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act in 1938, though industrial hemp was later legalized in 1998—initially, the hemp plant produced fiber, which created ropes, parachutes, and clothes.
To learn more about the history of hemp and delta 8 gummies in Canada, continue reading below.
Prohibition of Cannabis in Canada
The restriction of using Cannabis in Canada was done in 1923 and was stipulated in the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill. The use of hemp also followed suit in 1938, which …

Will Canada Allow Cannabis in Cafes and Restos?

Jeremy Smith, a resident of London, Ontario, has been figuring out how to penetrate the cafes and restaurants in Canada to serve cannabis-infused foods. He understands that the process may be long as he begins his petitions in the federal and provincial governments.
Smith has contacted various organizations and people in Canada who can decide on the matter, including Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Health Canada. The petitions are only a beginning, but he knows he is in for something promising since he was …

The Promise of CBD in Protecting People from COVID-19

As the world continues to seek treatments for COVID-19, the University of Waterloo researchers had a breakthrough regarding the use of synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) as protection against the said virus.
In its study entitled, Cannabidiol and the anti-viral response to SARS-CoV-2 proteins, the cannabis plant was found to have a non-psychoactive compound. This compound can aid in priming the cells’ innate immune system to protect the system from pathogens, including the SARS COV-2.

Can Cannabis Affect One’s Memory?

The circulating news about cannabis affecting one’s memory remains largely anecdotal. However, scientists continue to look into evidence linking cannabis to memory loss as they explore the other health benefits of the herb.
There are two types of memory. Long-term memory is where life details are indefinitely stored. Short-term memory is where immediate happenings are temporarily kept.
Cannabis, in general, doesn’t cause memory loss. However, intoxication may temporarily distort or …