What to Expect – Cannabis Brands

It is not surprising that many cannabis users do not have a preference when it comes to brands. This is something that many experts in the industry would like to work on – to open opportunities for exceptional brands to step forward and be recognized.

The founder and CEO of Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency, Ricardo Baca, admits there is no national brand yet in the cannabis business. Branding in this industry is in its infancy, making the game exciting.

Baca predicts that the industry will hail its Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or RC Cola in the years to come. His theory is that in the next 2 to 3 years, the industry will recognize the first cannabis brand. This would be a game-changer and phenomenal, and he’s excited to witness how different brands would differentiate themselves to stand out. For now, businesses need to focus on their expansion strategies, scaling, development, sales, proper branding, and good PR.

As brand building continues in the cannabis industry, businesses could learn from the ups and downs of the process. While there have been powerful moments, the sector also discovered its weak spots. For one, it’s evident that many brands haven’t capitalized on their digital presence – social media and websites.

Baca explains the importance of the cannabis brands of capitalizing in e-commerce. It’s a big deal, especially at the onset of a health pandemic. It is no longer enough to put up websites containing a menu, address, and phone numbers. These brands need to level up their online presence and start reaching out to a broader market.

Many of the brands were forced to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic despite the industry’s promise. The most apparent effect of the lack of online presence could have saved these businesses from folding up. For Baca, these brands need to invest more in their online ventures, including the distribution platforms and menus.

The digital space is here to stay, where most of the target market can be found. So cannabis-related businesses need to make their presence more felt where it matters. This will level up the game of which brands will emerge on top and thrive for the many years to come.

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