Dosing Cannabis Edibles – What You Need to Know

Consuming edibles is slowly edging nearer the most popular way of taking cannabis through smoking. It is getting more common as the world continuously comes up with foods infused with cannabis aside from brownies.

It is safe to consume edibles, but you always have to take the right dosage. Not doing so might lead to effects you might have heard from people who have gone down that path such as paranoia and feeling awful.

So how much is the right dosage?

The definition of the right dosage varies from person to person. Others might already feel the effects of consuming 2 mg of THC, while some people would need more before they could benefit from what they have taken. In the beginning, it is always best to start low. Then, you have to feel how your body responds to the herb.

The labels in THC contents are clear so that you won’t have any difficulty dosing. The standard dose is 10 mg, but if it’s your first time, it is best to go lower than that. You can do that by cutting the 10 mg into 4. Consume 2.5 mg at a time, wait for an hour and observe your body before going for another 2.5mg.

Taking the herb in a low dose at a time is called micro dosing. Your goal here is to find the right dose that will work for you. You have to observe when exactly did you feel the effects were most beneficial and avoid getting overdosed.

There is no medical term for the herb’s standard dose. Instead, it is used as a retail term. Again, it depends on how your body reacts to it. However, most users have 10 to 15 mg as their standard doses. Anything above 15 could get you into a state of high, which may lead to adverse side effects.

If you ever get accidentally overdosed, remember to do the following:

Be comfortable and sleep.

You can eat foods loaded with carbs and sugar to decrease the effects of THC.

Relieve your anxiety by chewing on a fresh peppercorn.

Drink fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Keep your mind clear.

Focus and stay calm.

Keep on reminding yourself that the side effects will pass.

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