What You Need to Know about Cannabis Edibles

The one thing that you have to always remember about cannabis edibles is that you cannot eat too much – not on purpose or accidentally. You always have to be aware of what you are taking. No matter how good it tastes or how light you feel when eating them, you have to stop when you’ve already had enough.

Edibles refer to foods infused with cannabis, and they are also referred to at times as medibles. They often contain activated cannabis, meaning oils or plant materials chemically transformed or heated into substances with psychoactive properties that your body can easily use.

Edibles differ from the other forms of cannabis. You will experience different effects when you inhale the substance and when you ingest it. Between the two, edibles have stronger effects than the inhaled form. Edibles produce a more potent impact that can change one’s movement, memory, time perception, and cognition. It is recommended to start in small doses until your body has developed tolerance to the substance.

The Benefits of Edibles

No matter the amount of research done in the field, some people are still hesitant to smoke cannabis. On the other hand, they feel more comfortable and safer when eating cannabis. Here are some of the benefits of taking edibles:

Gives a more potent effect

Does not require tools to be taken

Offers more prolonged effects than vaping or smoking

Measured safe dosage

The effects of edibles take longer to be felt than when you inhale cannabis. The latter gives off medicinal and psychoactive effects within 15 minutes. On the other hand, you have to wait half an hour up to a couple of hours before you can feel the effects of edibles. It is not the same, and how long the effect could be felt varies on different people.

As per how long the effects would last, you can count up to six hours or so for as long as you’ve taken the right dosage. If you have taken a larger amount than usual, you might get its residual effects for a day.

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